About Us

About BeeKlevr

Our founder, on our why.

More About BeeKlevr

BeeKlevr Inc. is a global business development company providing people with easy-to-access branding, business development, marketing, and growth solutions.

Founded in Rockford, Michigan, BeeKlevr provides business solutions delivered with urgency.

Avant Garde

Our Vision

A world where bandwidth doesn’t limit your moonshot moment.

Our Core Values

We demand attention

We are loud, we drive attention to people, brands, and causes.

We are time machines

Through our work, we give time back to the people we work with.

We don’t fluff

We deliver radical ideas with an urgency that may come packaged with 4 letter words.

We help when nobody’s watching

We find opportunities to support each other and our clients beyond what we are paid to do.

We lean into uncomfortable

We tenaciously commit to conquering the unknown for people.

We forge frontiers unknown

We are incredible individuals who challenge ourselves and each other to grow.

Our Purpose

Utilize our strengths exceptionally well to enable moonshots for others.

Our market strategy outlines the why, how, and what, our purpose.

Enable moonshots

Do our best work in the service of other people.

Do more

Do more for people than anyone else will.

Urgency is our product

Provide urgency for people unavailable elsewhere.

Meet the Team

We’ll help you market better.

Join our team.

Top talent should get in touch. We love self-aware oddballs, misfits, and do-gooders that choose to clear the brush down paths least traveled.

We want to hear your story. Tell us your why.